For over three decades, Curtin’s California Land Use & Planning Law has provided a succinct and definitive summary of the major provisions of California’s land use and planning laws. Curtin’s has been cited by the California Supreme Court and numerous appellate courts as an authoritative source. Co‐authored by Cecily Talbert Barclay, Matthew Gray and other Perkins Coie California EER, Real Estate and Land Use attorneys, this edition contains new or expanded coverage of several topics, including:

  • A 2011 amendment to the Subdivision Map Act that extends the expiration date of tentative maps due to expire before January 1, 2014 (chapter 5)
  • An update on efforts by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to clarify their jurisdiction to regulate wetlands under the Clean Water Act following the Supreme Court’s 2006 decision in United States v. Rapanos (chapter 7)
  • Significant developments in case law affecting various aspects of land use litigation, including public interest standing, the calculation of statutes of limitation and the effect of defective notice, and statutorily‐imposed standards of review (chapter 21)
  • A new and revised analysis of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) case law providing much‐needed guidance regarding climate change analyses and the use of future anticipated growth in the calculation of environmental baselines (chapter 6)

Details on how to get your copy of the 2012 edition of Curtin’s California Land Use and Planning Law will be available soon.