The court of appeal held that a City Council resolution approving a development agreement that included policy decisions regarding development of a public park was a legislative act subject to referendum. Move Eden Housing v. City of Livermore, 100 Cal. App. 5th 263 (2024).

In 2018, the City of Livermore and Eden Housing entered

The court of appeal held that a vesting tentative map covering property within the Coastal Zone gave the developer the vested right to proceed with the project notwithstanding subsequent changes in local laws. While the project’s location in the Coastal Zone rendered it subject to Coastal Commission jurisdiction, this did not impair the enforceability of

Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 116, which again extends the life of tentative maps by two years.  The move recognizes that, despite the rebounding housing market in many cities, many approved maps in California that are set to expire still cannot be processed because of persistent adverse economic conditions. 

Unlike the three

The Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission today released the Draft Environmental Impact Report on their “Plan Bay Area,” a long-range regional planning document proposed to better align future land use planning with the Bay Area’s transportation infrastructure.

Plan Bay Area implements SB 375, which was enacted in 2008 and requires